Get the Custom PC You’ve Always Wanted

Custom built computers right here in Lafayette, LA

Your friends keep telling you – “Build your own computer; they’re so much better!”

And well, they’re right. A custom built computer tends to perform much better than the ones already created and packaged for you at retail stores. But building a computer requires extensive knowledge, patience and—most of all—time.

If you want a custom built PC but don’t have the time or resources to build it yourself, trust the computer techs at Doghouse Computers.

Whether you want a custom built gaming PC or just something to use for completing routine tasks, our specialists can handcraft your next computer from scratch. We have access to all the important components that make up a computer. We’ll add the necessary processors, video chips and more to make sure it performs the way you want.

A custom built computer has many benefits, as you’ll be able to:

• Tailor the performance to your needs – gaming or otherwise
• Impress your friends with a computer they’ve never seen before
• Pay less than what it would cost to modify an existing unit

All you have to do is come by our store here in Lafayette and sit down with us to discuss what you want out of your brand new, custom built computer.