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3 Reasons to Choose Doghouse Computers For All Your Computer Needs

Serving Lafayette, LA, Abbeville, LA, & Beyond!

Since 2001, Doghouse Computers has been the computer repair store of choice for Lafayette, LA and Abbeville, LA residents. Our team of specialists can handle all kinds of computer and smartphone repair services, including virus removal and screen repair. We’re also your destination for custom built computers right here in Acadiana.

No matter how big or small your computer problem might be, our specialists will take care of it for you. The big retailers might seem like a viable option for your computer needs, but here are a few reasons why you should come to the Doghouse for a worthwhile change of pace.

1) You can get a computer built to your specifications

Doghouse Computers will build your next computer from scratch. We’ll piece together your next PC from the top quality components we have at our store here in Lafayette, LA. Whether you’re looking for a custom built gaming PC or just a basic machine to check your email, you can get exactly what you need right here at Doghouse Computers.

2) Your repair will be handled in a flash

Computer problems are a frustrating inconvenience. Whether it’s a hardware issue or something going on with the software, our specialists can provide you with the computer repair solution you need. So stop by our store and get your smartphone's screen repaired or have that virus scrubbed from your computer – Doghouse Computers can do it all.

3) Our specialist will provide you with outstanding service

There’s no need to wait in line at the big retail companies only to receive sub-par customer service and repair work. At Doghouse Computers, we’ll make sure your needs are addressed right away by a member of our tech team.

Now that you’ve found us on your device, bring it in to our store for maintenance, repair or upgrade! Come by our computer repair store in Lafayette today and get the personal service you need and deserve.

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