30+ Years Of
Technical Experience
Under One Roof

Doghouse Computers has been selling, building, and repairing computers since 2001. We are a local and independent business in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our main goal is to help our customers with their needs. Our team of specialists can handle all kinds of problems. If you have a computer, printer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, screen, tv, motherboard, and so on that needs help, see us. No matter how big or small your needs might be, our specialists will take care of it for you. The big retailers might seem like a viable option for your computer needs, but here are a few reasons why you should come to the Doghouse for a worthwhile change of pace.

NOTICE: When you need help with your computers, we can help in our store or remotely via DH Sentry. No matter what your need, we are here for you. Did you know we have pickup and delivery services? We now have in stock a limited supply of computers starting at $99.99. Need to work from home? We can help!



We can build you a unique computer of your own design. After working with you to figure out what you need for your computer, we will contact you with thoughts on what would be best for you and your set up. Once we know, we will give you the cost of your computer build. If you are into building your own computer, we will make sure you have the right parts. We can test out make sure it running best for your needs. We can take the time and sit with you to help you learn how to test out.



When you bring your computer in, our friendly staff will begin to diagnose your computer problems while you wait. Before you leave, you will have an idea of the cost and what repairs your system will need. No Jargon or Confusing Language! We make your repair needs simple to understand.



We can provide you with all of the hardware and peripherals needs, from building your own computer and upgrading to larger monitors. If building a computer scares you, we can custom build it for you!



Having to disconnect your computer and then lugging it across town to a computer shop is not something anyone looks forward to doing. Luckily, we can help. Looking to get your computer, printer, and mobile phones all working together on a wireless network? We'll help you get all of your devices onto the same network, allowing for easy file sharing with the whole family. Not all repairs are best done in the home due to time constraints. We'll gladly pick up your computer, fix it, and then return it to your home or workplace. Call us today and we'll schedule an on-site computer repair at a time convenient for you.



We’ll monitor your computer so you don’t have to.

DH Sentry is a 24/7 business-grade monitoring service which monitors your computers hardware and software while guarding against threats. We can resolve most issues from our DH Sentry control dashboard or via remote-service, without you even lifting a finger. With DH Sentry, you don’t have to worry about your computer’s health, that’s our job! We talk it out with you so that you see what is going on with your computer.



We provide a wide range of services.

We can do more than computer repairs. We have fixed components from Apple devices to televisions. As computers are constantly changing, we are doing our best to change with them. We understand that all of the new technology devices can be overwhelming. We can help you understand it in simpler terms.


Doghouse Computers has been in business since 2001. We have seen all kinds of computers and devices that have been damaged in various ways.
We take pride in being able to fix just about all of them.


We would like for you to meet our team. We have over 30+ years of Technical Experience.

Nick acquired Doghouse Computers in Fall of 2015. His passion is to make Doghouse Computers a store everyone is talking about.

- Nick Landry Owner - Doghouse Computers

Karen started working with computers back in the 80's. Her knowledge of what was and what is to come, has helped so many customers understand their computer needs .

- Karen Willingham Manager - Doghouse Computers

Brandon has been with us the longest. He took off a year to learn more about the world. His wide view of things is very refreshing.

- Brandon Coco Senior Tech- Doghouse Computers

Madison is a lovely lady who makes you feel right at home with her smile. Brought up learning about computers, she is eager to learn as much as given to her.

- Madison Brock Jr. Tech - Doghouse Computers

Doghouse Computers exists to serve our customers. We view serving others as a privilege and will always honor our customers’ best interests. We will recommend to our customers their best possible solution.

- Mission Statment - Doghouse Computers

Zach is a hard working individual, who enjoys building custom computers. He is the best guy for recertifing computers, and takes a great pride in it. With his love of gaming, he is sure to be your guy to help with your games!

- Zach Signorelli Jr. Tech - Doghouse Computers